I passed my test, now what?

After you pass your initial exam, will need to log into CORES to pay your $35 FCC processing fee once your application has been submitted via the VEC. If you tested through ARRL, they will submit the next business day. If you tested with GLAARG, they usually submit every day before 7pm Pacific time. You can look to see if your application has been submitted by using the ULS Application Search by your FRN. Once the application has been submitted, you have 10 days to pay any fees. This is important to watch for and you may or may not receive an email from the FCC telling you how to pay. When you do pay, make sure to use a desktop or laptop to pay. There are known issues if you pay with any mobile device. More information can be found on the FCC site about the fees.

Are you an upgrade? Lucky for you, you won't need to pay any fees.

New Hams: The FCC processes applications daily. If you pay your fee before 6 pm Eastern on business days (excluding federal holidays), your license will be processed the following day. If you pay after that time, it will take 2 business days.

License Upgrades: Your upgrade will appear immediately after the VEC office uploads your application. This is generally within a couple of business days of your test.

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